According to the in-depth market research and investment prospect research report of China’s household oxygen concentrator industry from 2019 to 2025: the in-depth market research and investment prospect research report of China’s household oxygen concentrator industry in 2017 shows that in 2017, China’s household oxygen concentrator industry produced about 674700 units, imported about 11300 units and exported about 84600 units. The apparent consumption of domestic household oxygen concentrators is about 60.15 units, and the demand for domestic household oxygen concentrators in 2018 is 1 million units.

In 2017, the market scale of China’s household oxygen concentrator industry was about 1.414 billion yuan, an increase of 29.01% over 1.096 billion yuan in 2017. It is expected that the market scale of the domestic household oxygen concentrator industry will reach 2.46 billion yuan in 2018. With the development of aging in China, as a tool for family health care and oxygen therapy, household oxygen concentrators have become the “old companion” of the elderly. In the future, oxygen concentrators will enter all families as consumer goods, and oxygen concentrators will also face new development trends in their own development.

Molecular sieve oxygen concentrator is developing towards miniaturization, integration, oxygen saving, and multi-function, which is reflected in three aspects:

1. Diverse functions

In terms of function, in addition to meeting the performance specified in the standard, such as oxygen concentration monitoring, cumulative timing, alarm (power failure, high temperature, high pressure, low pressure), humidification, atomization, and other functions, beautiful, practical, scientific and comfortable functions will also be considered, such as remote control, timing, ozone disinfection, music playing, and headset oxygen inhalation.

2. Micro portable

Micro portable oxygen concentrator is a new direction, such as backpack type and shoulder type, which can reduce the weight more. Of course, for domestic household oxygen concentrator manufacturers, this is a technical challenge and breakthrough.

3.Highly integrated

At present, the household oxygen concentrator adopts the component assembly mode, and the gas circuit causes certain resistance to the oxygen production process, increasing the weight and volume. It is difficult to ensure the airtightness between various components, and the failure rate is high. The gas circuit is integrated and grooved like a circuit board, which is beautiful and practical.

Post time: Dec-13-2021