Wrist Electronic sphygmomanometer [ Model number: KP-7190 ]

Short Description:

One-button measurement, intelligent pressurized two-person mode, 180 memories

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Wrist sphygmomanometer and blood pressure monitor

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Model number:KP-7190.

Product Characteristics

1、One operation, intelligent pressurization

2、180 groups of memory

3、Double mode

4、Light and portable

5、IHB arrhythmia detection

6、WHO classification of blood pressure

Memory of 99 pairs, IHB arrhythmia test, WHO blood pressure classification,

Intelligent pressurization

Voltage and electricity detection

Product Standard

Product dimensions: 9.7cm*8.7cm*8.2cm

Storage temperature: -20℃~55℃

Storage humidity: 10%~93%

Operating temperature: 5℃~40℃

Operating humidity: 15%~80%

Display: LCD digital display

Measurement method: pulse scanning/oscillometry

Measurement range: Hypertension/hypotension: 0mmHg~280mmHg

Pulse: (30~180) beats/min

Resolution: 1mmHg(0.1kPa)

Accuracy: 3 mmhg (0.4 kpa)

Pulse: within 5% of the reading value

Packing Materials

Gift box size: 9.7cm*8.7cm*8.2cm

Outer box size: 36.5cmX19.5cmX25.5cm

Weight: about 148 grams per unit, 24 units per box, weighing 5.2 kg per box

What is the function of sphygmomanometer?

It is helpful for doctors to diagnose hypertension, and it can provide blood pressure level and change rule at special time, which has important reference value for doctors to diagnose hypertension early. It can help doctors eliminate this kind of false hypertension, help to identify white coat hypertension, provide authentic blood pressure information in daily life, and help doctors diagnose white coat hypertension. It is helpful to monitor the treatment effect and observe the complications and emergency treatment.



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