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Frequently Asked Questions about Blood Glucose Meters

1Q: Why is "---" always displayed on the screen when the test paper is inserted?

Answer: It means that you manually press the M key to turn on the instrument. You should turn off the instrument first, and insert the test paper after turning off the instrument.

2Q: What are the reasons for the high measured value?

3Q: Why is the blood glucose value measured by the customer at the same time and the same drop of blood different at home?

4Q: What is the reason why the blood glucose meter does not turn on when the test strip is inserted?

5Q: What is the reason for the automatic shutdown of the blood glucose meter when it is used?

Frequently Asked Questions about Sphygmomanometer

1Q: Why are the blood pressures measured by the left and right arms different?

Answer: Due to physiological reasons, the measured values ​​of the two arms themselves have certain errors, so the measured values ​​must be different.

2Q: Why does the sphygmomanometer sometimes produce re-pressurization?

3Q: What is the reason why the cuff pressure has not risen after the air pump has started to inflate?

4Q: Why does the armband hurt when the sphygmomanometer is inflated?

5Q: The blood pressure monitor does not work even after changing the battery. What is the reason?

Common problems of oxygen generator

1Q: What happened to the alarm after two minutes after booting?

Answer: This is a low oxygen alarm. Check whether the flow rate is adjusted too large, or it is caused by not replacing the air intake filter for a long time.

2Q: How long will the air filter be replaced?

3Q: Is it okay to use tap water for the water in the humidification bottle? How long does it take to replace it?

4Q: How to maintain the oxygen generator when I buy it home?

5Q: How to clean the humidification bottle?

Frequently Asked Questions about Forehead Temperature Gun

1Q: How to switch the material temperature mode?

Answer: In the temperature measurement mode, press the [M] key once to realize the mutual conversion between the human body and the object mode.

2Q: How to convert "℉" into "℃" temperature unit?

3Q: What is the ambient temperature range of the forehead thermometer?

4Q: How many sets of data can be stored in the forehead thermometer, and how to check it?

5Q: After the forehead thermometer is turned on, there will be a set of data displayed. What does it mean?

Frequently Asked Questions about Varicose Socks

1Q: Will the long stretch stockings go down?

Answer: The sock side of the long stretch stockings has been added with a non-slip design of injectable silicone ring, which greatly reduces the chance of falling. When using long stretch stockings, they can be worn from the middle of the thigh to the base of the thigh.

2Q: What should be paid attention to when wearing elastic stockings?

3Q: What are the taboos for wearing progressive compression stockings?

4Q: Can normal people wear progressive compression socks?

5Q: How is the effect of elastic stockings?