On October 29th, Jiangxi Flor participated in the whole process to explain the "Ventilator Mechanical Ventilation Training, Practical Operation and Maintenance" training conference held by Hebei Ping An Health Group. The main venue of this video conference was at Shijiazhuang Ping An Hospital and Luannan County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine , Qingdao Guojin Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wuji Renhe Hospital, Hebei Youai Hospital, Jingxian People's Hospital, Ningjin Kangyi Hospital, Zhaoxian Renji Hospital and 7 hospitals have video connections at the same time.


Cui Gang, the clinical director of Jiangxi Flor Medical, gave a detailed explanation on the working principle of the ventilator, the main points of mechanical ventilation, the mode of mechanical ventilation, parameter settings, common alarm causes and treatment methods and other related theoretical knowledge, and gave a detailed explanation of R30 Operation demonstration of the ventilator was carried out, focusing on the clinical applicability and contraindications of the R30 ventilator, breathing mode and PEEP application, ventilator operation steps, parameter setting and adjustment, and common clinical failure causes and treatment methods. Clinical practice.

hrough this training, nurses have improved their comprehensive knowledge and practical operation of ventilators. In order to deepen their understanding of the importance of high-quality nursing services, they will further regulate the use of ventilators and improve nurses’ professional skills and patient safety.


At present, the ventilators and anesthesia machines produced by Flor Medical have been used in the operating rooms, ICU/pulmonary diseases, geriatrics, general internal medicine, neurosurgery and other departments of the hospitals of Ping An Group. In the future, Flor Medical and Ping An Group will have more cooperation. Flor Medical will produce more and better ventilators and anesthesia machines and invest in the medical construction of Ping An Group.


Post time: Oct-30-2020