1 key to easily measure KJM-L8 ——Blood Pressure Test/Family Standby

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Wrist type electronic sphygmomanometer KJM-L8

Voice broadcast, adjustable sound, high-definition large screen

  • FOB Price: US $220 -690 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 1000-50000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Product DetailsBased on the principle of oscillographic design, this product can quickly, accurately and reliably measure your blood pressure.

    Model number:KJM-L8.

    This product is an electronic blood pressure measuring instrument which can measure systolic high pressure, diastolic low pressure and heart rate at the same time. This product is based on the principle of oscillometric design, and can measure your blood pressure quickly, accurately and reliably. Scope of application: This product is only suitable for adults. Application environment: This product is suitable for family or clinical use.

    Product features

    Volume adjustment: It is a great advantage of this product to adjust the volume. Product screen: LCD display digital display screen, large HD screen and clear reading.

    1. Voice Broadcast You can adjust the volume

    2. LCD display digital screen, high-definition large screen,

    clear reading

    3. SOC Core Algorithm, more accurate measurement

    4. One operation, intelligent pressurization

    5. Irregular pulse monitoring

    Packing materials

    Gross weight: 161g gift box size: 80*80*90MM Packing quantity: 50 PCs packing size: 42*41.5*20.0CM Gross weight of the whole box: 8.8KGS

    Product parameters

    Measuring position: wrist

    Measurement range: blood pressure 0~280mmHg(0~37.3kpa), pulse rate 40~195 beats/min

    Measuring wrist circumference: 13.5~21.5cm

    Measurement accuracy: blood pressure value ±0.4kpa(±3mmHg), pulse rate reading value 5%

    Working environment: operating temperature: 10℃~40℃;

    Operating humidity: 40%~85%

    Main Function

    1. 99 sets memory group:. For 2 peoples with date and time

    2. Measure range: Pressure :0-299mmHg(0-39.9kPa) Pulse rate :40-180times/min.

    3. Accuracy: Pressure:±3mmHg (within±4kPa). Pulse rate:accuracy is ±5%

    4. Display : Digital liquid crystal display

    5. Battery: Two alkaline batteries

    6. Live Voice (Optional)

    7. Battery lifespan: 300 times under the condition of 7 alkaline battery with 23℃.

    8. Operating temperatures: 5.0 to 40.0°C, ≤85% RH

    9. Storage temperatures: -20.0 to 60.0°C , ≤95% RH

    10. Dimensions: 115x96 x59mm

    11. Weight: 180g (exclude battery's weight)

    12. Auto power off: power off when no operation for 8 seconds

    Product Details

    K9000 is a new generation of portable oxygen concentrator, model SK9000, weighs about 2.5kg, can be used in vehicles or home, it is a very fashionable and convenient oxygen concentrator.

    SK9000 has 12 major functions to protect your family's life and health. The functional design is very user-friendly, 2L oxygen flow, atomization function, timing function, high-efficiency compressor, deep noise reduction, high-definition touch screen, negative oxygen ion purification, failure Alarm, wireless remote control, seven-layer filter purification, suitable for pregnant women, imported molecular sieve, etc., the functions are very complete.

    SK9000's 2L oxygen flow can be adjusted, and you can adjust the oxygen flow to suit your own physique at will. In addition to using it at home, you can also take it with you wherever you go, integrating health into every part of your life. Of course, its use is also very simple. First you plug in the car adapter, then you long press to switch the mode of use, and finally you put on an oxygen inhaler to inhale oxygen easily.

    SK9000 can also be used by many people, so that you and your family can be more at ease and use it with peace of mind. The elderly, pregnant women, students, white-collar workers, etc. can use it with confidence.
    SK9000 has passed the dual certification of FDA/CE, and the quality has been tested at various levels. I believe it will be a very reliable partner in your life!

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