Electronic Blood Glucose meter [ Model number: GLM-76 ]

Short Description:

The measurement speed of 180 sets of memories is very fast. Eight seconds


  • FOB Price: US $220 -690 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 1000-50000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    Model number:GLM-76.

    This linked product includes

    1. One Bluetooth blood glucose meter.

    2. Blood glucose test paper 50 pieces+blood collection needle

    3. One test paper simulation card (free gift).

    4. One copy of Bluetooth protocol electronic file

    1. Provide standard blood glucose Bluetooth protocol

    2. The test paper is imported test paper

    3. a button cell (CR2032 120mA can be used for 3,000 times)

    4. Passed the US FDA

    5. Have Chinese test paper certificate

    Product characteristics

    1、180 sets of memories

    2、Microphlebotomy. One microliter

    3、Measurements are fast. Eight seconds

    4、High and Low Blood Glucose Alert

    5、Power saving mode 3 minutes without action shutdown

    6、The test scenario can be set to mark the detection value of pre-meal, post-meal and quality control fluid

    Product Parameter

    Type of blood sample Freshly collected microvascular whole blood
    Sample volume requirement 1 micron
    Operating temperature 10°C~40°C (50°F~104°F)
    Operating humidity Relative humidity 20%~80%
    Measuring range 1.1~33.3mmol/L
    Testing time 8 seconds
    Memory capacity 180 memory values
    Applicable blood volume range 25%~65%
    Time setting Time and date can be set
    Test scenario setting Can mark the detection value of quality control liquid before meal, after meal
    Power supply One 3V lithium battery (battery model CR2032)
    Battery Life About 1000 tests (the actual battery life depends on the condition and the battery brand)
    High and low blood sugar warning function The preset blood glucose level is 3.9~1 7.7mmol/L, and high and low blood glucose warning symbols will be displayed when the range is exceeded
    Power saving device Automatic shutdown after 3 minutes without action


    1. Please refer to the instructions for taboo contents or precautions

    2. Please read the product manual carefully or purchase and use it under the guidance of medical staff

    1. About the blood glucose meter program and APP

    A: The blood glucose meter scheme and APP are independently developed by the R&D department of our company, and APP is used free of charge.

    2. About Bluetooth serial port protocol

    A: If your company needs to use its own APP software, we can provide Bluetooth serial port protocol.

    3. About Bluetooth Module

    Answer: RX and TX serial port transmission protocols have been embedded in the host chip of our company, so we only need to add Bluetooth serial port protocol.

    If your R&D team needs to use the Bluetooth module developed by yourself, please purchase the Bluetooth version of the blood glucose meter.

    Check whether your Bluetooth IC can have a space position on the circuit board.

    4. About the test paper problem

    Answer: The test paper is packed in a box of 25 pieces. After the test paper is taken out of the bottled box, the test paper will easily fail after more than five minutes. Because the test paper contains biochemical technology, it is easy to be affected by air, temperature and humidity when exposed to air for a long time, which leads to partial oxidation of reactive enzymes inside, thus reducing the accuracy of measurement.

    5. About the machine problem


    1. The test paper is inserted into the machine. If E23 appears, it means that the test paper is damaged or damp. If E24 appears, it means that the test paper has been used or the test procedure is incorrect.

    2. After measuring blood sugar, high hypoglycemia will occur if it is lower than 3.9mmol/L or higher than 17.7 mmol/L.

    Warning. Please refer to the instruction manual for details.

    6. About Bluetooth Power Saving Mode

    A: The Bluetooth blood glucose meter designed by our company consumes 2~3μA of power in Bluetooth Low Power Transmission (BLE). When it is not working, it is dormant, and its working state is awakened. The design conforms to the concept of environmental protection and power saving.

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