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PI Perfusion Index Monitor with 8-hour sleep monitoring function

Home Nail oximeter

Model number:KJM-A2.

Product parameters(Features):

1. 4 parameters: SPO2 (oximeter saturation), PR (pulse rate/heart rate), PI (perfusion index), sleep monitoring parameters

2. 8 hours data storage and data analysis function. 3.6 display modes;

4.  Spot check in real time.

5.  Automatic standby or sleep.

6.  Low power consumption, continuously adjustable in four directions;

Product Specifications

1. Sleep monitoring time: 8 hours

2. Display direction: three-color display screen, six display modes and four display directions

3. Accuracy of blood oxygen range: 70% ~ 100% 2%

4. Accuracy of pulse range: 25 ~ 250 BMP 1 BMP

5. Blood perfusion index: ≥ 0.2%, 0.1%

6. Net weight of products: 33g

7. Working current: ≤30MA

8. Power requirements: 2 AAA batteries8. Power requirements: 2 AAA batteries

Packing Parameters

Product dimensions: 6 * 3.5 * 3.3cm

Bare metal weight: 33g

Gift box size: 11 * 6.5 * 4cm

Color box weight: 65g

Outer box size: 42 * 35 * 41cm

Weight per box: 13kg

Packing quantity: 200 units

Product Characteristics

1、8-hour data storage and analysis function

2、6 display modes

3、4 Parameters: SPO2(oximeter saturation) , PR (pulse/heart rate) ,Pi (perfusion index) , sleep monitoring parameters

4、Low power consumption, continuously adjustable in four directions

Package Content

-1 x oximeter

-1 x lanyard

-1 x English user manual

-1 x color box

One key operation

Finger clip oximeter, one-button operation, painless and non-invasive monitoring of blood oxygen

Backlit display

The results are clearly visible

Three color display

Compact body Is easy to carry

They can be conveniently taken out for health

monitoring during outdoor sports and highland travel

PI Perfusion index

monitoring With 8 hours sleep monitoring function

Multi-function monitoring

Multiple data monitoring, easy to know

whether the body is healthy

Four direction display

Built-in direction sensor, four directions,

six modes in different directions can be

accurate reading, more convenient display

KGM-A2 Oximeter


Six Core Advantages


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